Fractional CPO (Chief Product Officer)

The challenge

Hiring a CPO is not a common hire, and finding the ideal Chief Product Officer poses a significant challenge for many companies.

    • Rushing Leads to Poor Hires: In the product space, rushing the hiring process often results in poor fits.
    • Long Wait Times: Finding and onboarding the right CPO can take 6-9 months.
    • Maintaining Momentum: It’s crucial to keep your product strategy moving forward during this period.

Our Solution: Fractional CPO Services

The Fractional CPO service offers a tailored interim solution to these challenges. A Partner level executive from Reasonable Product joins the host organization for a specified duration, typically ranging from 1 to 12 months, with a flexible activity rate that usually falls between 40% and 80%.

    • Interim Leadership: Step in to guide your team and drive product strategy, ensuring continuous progress.
    • Expertise: Offers extensive experience in both digital and tech hardware products.
    • Flexible and Fast: Ready to integrate within one week, adapting quickly to your needs.

When a Fractional CPO is the ideal choice:

    • Transition Phases: Provides seamless leadership during the gap between outgoing and incoming CPOs, ensuring strategic initiatives continue without disruption
    • Before Your First Hire: Offers expert guidance and structure to your product team, laying a solid foundation before committing to a full-time CPO
    • Parental Leave Coverage: Ensures product strategies maintain momentum and the team stays on track during the temporary absence of key leadership
    • Company Transformation: Brings experienced leadership to steer product strategy and execution through periods of significant organizational change

Soiunds Familiar?

What a Fractional CPO does:

  • Drive Strategy AND Execution: Focus on propelling the product strategy forward
  • Team Mentorship: Mentor and guide the product team.
  • Recruitment Support: Assist in shaping the CPO function and hiring the permanent CPO, leveraging a wide network.
  • Smooth Transition: Work closely with leadership for a seamless handover to the new CPO

Benefits of a Fractional CPO

    • Strategic Oversight: Immediate, actionable guidance to navigate product development.
    • Networking: Access to an extensive network for recruiting the perfect long-term CPO and teams.
    • Seamless Transition: Provides stability until a permanent hire is made, with a smooth handover process.
    • Flexible Engagement: Available for a set number of days per week, tailored to your needs.
    • Cost-Effective: Executive-level expertise without the long-term financial commitment of a full-time.
    • Not on Payroll: Operates independently, ensuring an objective and unbiased approach.
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