Pricing Clinics

  1. Uncertain about where to start with pricing?
  2. Struggling to align your team on prices?
  3. Unsure if your pricing strategy is strategic enough?
  4. Want quicker results, fewer slides?

Discover the Pricing Clinics

Our clinics are based on interactive workshops designed to empower your team in pricing decision-making. With a focus on collaboration and expertise, we guide you through the process of defining and refining your product’s pricing strategy, typically within weeks.

What we cover in the clinics:

The Basics of Pricing and common vocabulary

  • Your pricing goals and strategy
  • Your customer and market: segmentation, value drivers and willingness to pay
  • Your Product: differentiation and positioning
  • Your Monetization: value metric, pricing tactics, pricing architecture
  • Implementation: Pricing Communication
Optionally, cover :
  • Legal implications of your pricing approach
  • Evidence collection: a structured way to capture the Voice of your customers

Our Approach

You understand your market, and we understand pricing strategies.

Our secret? We have a method to make pricing accessible and pragmatic (hint: the  Product Monetization Canvas)


Our approach involves:

  • Initial Consultation: Understanding your product, market, and objectives.
  • Workshop Sessions: Hands-on activities and discussions to refine pricing strategies.
  • Wrap-up: Collaborative decision-making to establish a clear pricing framework, Reports and Recommandations to make your new strategy actionable

Timeline: Typically, our process spans approximately three weeks from the initial contact to the establishment of a solid pricing strategy.


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