Tiered Pricing Canvas

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Are you working on your next product offering? Tiered-pricing is a must-have tool to ensure proper segmentation and discrimination among your customers. Perfect to brainstorm alone, it’s a must if you’re working with a larger team.

Why a structured way to Tiered Pricing? You don’t want “higher-willing-to-pay” customers to spend less than they’d be ready to. At the same time, some of your customers might find this price too high. There’s where Tiered pricing (what you probably know under the name of “Good-Better-Best” offering) comes handy.

The Tiered Pricing Canvas

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How the canvas works

You will receive a pdf and a Miro.com version of the Canvas.

PDF: For workshops and large on-site sessions, we suggest printing it in A0 format and asking participants to add their thoughts with post-its

MIRO.COM: Ideal for remote sessions and for solo brainstorming

The canvas is organized in 4 columns, one for each  “Product Plan” (eg. “Basic”, “Advanced”, “Pro”). Each product plan comes with 4 sections

  • Plan Name
  • Price Range
  • Target Group
  • Plan Features
  • Fences

There is an additional block (on the bottom) where you can list all the “add-ons”, in other words the features or elements that can be purchased “on top”.

Still need some help?

Product Plans may be trickier than they look like.

Also, did you know that Tiered Pricing is not your only option (actually, there are many reasons why you should look at other pricing models first).  If you’re in doubt or need some help finding out your product strategy, feel free to get in touch

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