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Pricing-Hardware-and-HardwareSoftware-Products - Opportunities and Complexities in the Energy Sector

Pricing Hardware and Hardware+Software Products – Part 3

Opportunities and Complexities in the Energy Industry. Introduction In the first part of this three-part Deep-Dive, we explored different pricing models available for Hardware and Hardware + Software Products. In the second part, we looked into the consumer value, the risks, and opportunities arising from the different hardware pricing models. [...]

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Pricing Models (vs Pricing Strategy)

Product Monetization Guide: The Pricing Model (vs Pricing Strategy)

Pricing is one of the most important features of your products, representing a significant part of how your customers interact with your company and products. With pricing strategies, pricing models include many elements that, when defined consistently, constitute the pricing of your products. I have already written a full article [...]

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Pricing Hardware and Hardware+Software Products - Part 2

Pricing Hardware and Hardware+Software Products – Part 2

Part 2- Risks and Customer value in Hardware+Software pricing models Introduction In the first part of this 3 part Deep-Dive, we have explored different pricing models available for Hardware and Hardware + Software Products. Today, we will be analyzing closely the risks and opportunities coming from each one of them; [...]

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Pricing Hardware and Hardware+Software Products – Part 1

Part 1- Review of Hardware and Hardware+Software pricing options Introduction Business models in hardware have undergone a significant transformation over the last couple of decades. We’ve moved from a simpler world where hardware was primarily sold outright—akin to purchasing a music CD—to a realm where hardware and software are increasingly [...]

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pricing models for ai products

Pricing Models for AI Products

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gains momentum, a diverse array of companies are seizing the opportunity to develop innovative AI-based products. Recently, I’ve had the privilege of discussing revenue models and monetization strategies with several of these organizations. While traditional pricing strategies are fundamentally relevant, AI products require careful consideration of [...]

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Tech and product cuts in 2024 and why this is actually good for product

Tech and Product cuts in 2024 and why this is actually good for Product

As history repeats itself, we enter 2024 witnessing massive layoffs in product departments and product companies. Global companies such as Google (”hundreds” headcounts cut), Twitch (500 headcounts cut), Duolingo (10% of contractors), Instagram (60 headcounts cut), Amazon (”hundreds” headcounts cut), Discord (170 headcounts cut) as well as within more niche [...]

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The Tuna Fish Paradox - More volume does not imply lower prices

The Tuna Fish Can Paradox

Does larger packaging always imply a discount or a lower price per unit? Not necessarily! 👇 Read the (real) story of how a major Swiss retailer prices their Tuna fish cans. We are accustomed to instinctively believing that larger packages mean “paying less” (per unit). The basic idea is that [...]

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Disney+ is increasing pricing in many countries and introducing a 3-tiers offering

How Disney+ is increasing prices by 38%, yet keeping the same price.

In the ongoing trend of digital and streaming services adjusting their prices, it is now Disney+’s turn to make changes. This demonstrates how inflation impacts pricing differently in each industry: Disney+ serves as a prime example, having recently announced double-digit percentage increases. To understand these changes, I will be focusing [...]

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Why Discounted Annual Plans move you away from Value-Based Pricing

Stop Offering Discounts for Annual Subscription Plans

Why Discounted Annual Plans are bad for revenue and for retention, and move you away from Value-Based Pricing If you’re familiar with the SaaS market and online services, you’ve likely noticed the common practice of offering the same service at different price points based on the contract duration. To be [...]

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Product Monetization Guide: The Pricing Strategy

If there is one common element in the way pricing is addressed by a multitude of companies, smaller or larger, is the fact that pricing is often addressed as a last-minute side detail (at best) or as a simple guess (at worst).  However, price is not only the money you [...]

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Time to hire a CPO

Time to hire a Chief Product Officer (CPO)?

Weighing the pros and cons of hiring a CPO at different phases of the company, and some practical alternatives if the timing isn’t quite right.  In two recent articles, I’ve covered the concept of Companies that “think product” and how a solid Chief Product Officer can go a long way [...]

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the CPO is a full member of the executive team

Do we need a Chief Product Officer (CPO)?

A quick guide for CEOs, business leaders, executive search professionals, and CPOs themselves to set expectations about Chief Product Officers right. In a recent article, I covered the concept of companies that “Think product” and why they’re in a better position than the average to create and capture value from [...]

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Thinking Product

Does your organization “think product”? 

A pragmatic and non-dogmatic approach to product management, that helps companies generate and capture more value from their users. Product management has popularized a set of principles that have greatly benefitted certain technology companies in terms of creating and capturing value from their users. These companies, which I call the [...]

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A Product & UX look into pricing: Netflix removes account sharing

Netflix is the market leader in streamed entertainment. Part of its success has been built thanks to a smooth experience, accessible prices, and billing flexibility (compared to pay-tv subscriptions). Exclusive content productions have come into play at a later stage, and have been material to acquire and retain subscribers to [...]

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Are you measuring right? 4 reasons you’re probably not

The majority of the measures we see in Product Management (#productmanagement) are flawed, and the better they look, the worse they (usually) are. Why is it so, and 4 easy checks to fix them. Whether setting up OKR, monitoring your “product health” or just running experiments, there are countless reasons [...]

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The real enemy is Product Debt

The real enemy is Product Debt

A Tech & Product debt primer for business-oriented people (including PMs) There may be something in the air, but I see more and more “Technical Debt” becoming a common term also among non-technical people. Technical Debt (or Tech Debt) is nothing new and the concept that code can get “out [...]

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