From CPO to CEO: Dealing with Pricing, Revenue, Leadership, and OKRs – Jonathan Landau (CEO @Movu)

In this episode, we welcome Jonathan Landau, CEO of Movu, to share his transition journey from CPO to CEO. It’s a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that come with moving from a product-centric role to the helm of a company. Movu is the leading Swiss Marketplace for moving services. Jonathan guides us through […]

#roadmap or no roadmap

I usually like to summarize this with the famous quote from Eisenhower, “Plans are nothing; planning is everything” The goal of the roadmap is NOT to be exhaustive, extremely detailed, perfect, or rigid. Goal of the roadmap is to “force the thinking” (the planning), make the assumptions clear and evident (so that they can be […]

#byebye good product practices

After the recent announcements of Twitter (with Twitter Blue) and then Meta(with Facebook Verified) launching paid new paid plans, I can’t help noticing how these moves are like a bulldozer running on years of healthy “ #thinkingproduct practices. #byebye good product practices. Those who follow me know that #pricingstrategy and creating empowered product teams are among my main areas of […]

Are you measuring right? 4 reasons you’re probably not

The majority of the measures we see in Product Management (#productmanagement) are flawed, and the better they look, the worse they (usually) are. Why is it so, and 4 easy checks to fix them. Whether setting up OKR, monitoring your “product health” or just running experiments, there are countless reasons why, as a product professional, […]

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