The “Discount Habit”

Who has already paid for their perfumes or drinks on an Easyjet flight in full? Nobody really, right? 🤷‍♂️ Well, that’s part of what is called the “discount habit”. Yes, discounts are powerful because they give the impression of a big “gain” to the consumer. But, what happens when discounts become the norm? Poltrone&SofĂ  and […]

Pricing as a feature: Monetizing commodity SaaS products – with Neeraj Singh, CEO @ Neeto

Welcome to the Reasonable Product Podcast! I’m your host, Salva, and today we’re diving into the intricate world of monetizing commodity digital products. I’m thrilled to have Neeraj Singh, the CEO of Neeto and Bigbinary, joining us to discuss this complex and somehow misunderstood topic. In our discussion, Neeraj and I explored the challenges and […]

Pricing Hardware and Hardware+Software Products – Part 3

Opportunities and Complexities in the Energy Industry. Introduction In the first part of this three-part Deep-Dive, we explored different pricing models available for Hardware and Hardware + Software Products. In the second part, we looked into the consumer value, the risks, and opportunities arising from the different hardware pricing models. To complete this Deep-Dive, this […]

Product Monetization Guide: The Pricing Model (vs Pricing Strategy)

Pricing is one of the most important features of your products, representing a significant part of how your customers interact with your company and products. With pricing strategies, pricing models include many elements that, when defined consistently, constitute the pricing of your products. I have already written a full article about pricing strategies called “Product […]

The worst Pricing Strategies

Salva BocchettiMy name is Salva, I am a product exec and Senior Partner at Reasonable Product, a boutique Product Advisory Firm. I write about product pricing, e-commerce/marketplaces, subscription models, and modern product organizations. I mainly engage and work in tech products, including SaaS, Marketplaces, and IoT (Hardware + Software). My superpower is to move between ambiguity (as […]

Pricing Hardware and Hardware+Software Products – Part 1

Part 1- Review of Hardware and Hardware+Software pricing options Introduction Business models in hardware have undergone a significant transformation over the last couple of decades. We’ve moved from a simpler world where hardware was primarily sold outright—akin to purchasing a music CD—to a realm where hardware and software are increasingly integrated and calling for integrated […]

From CPO to CEO: Dealing with Pricing, Revenue, Leadership, and OKRs – Jonathan Landau (CEO @Movu)

In this episode, we welcome Jonathan Landau, CEO of Movu, to share his transition journey from CPO to CEO. It’s a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that come with moving from a product-centric role to the helm of a company. Movu is the leading Swiss Marketplace for moving services. Jonathan guides us through […]

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