Easyjet’s new Pricing Tactics

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Breaking the rules of “expected” pricing display. Have a closer look at this Easyjet upselling page.

We’re so used to seeing the “middle price in the middle” that our brain almost instinctively expects the mid-box to be the one with the intermediate price. But … it is not!

A few “tactics” used here:

✅ The use of “recommended” / “most common” tag, to capture more “peace of mind” traffic (if it’s recommended, can it be that bad?). A simple recommended tag can boost the take rate of a 2-digit %!
✅ The “highest price” is more prominent and likely to be selected, yet with a lower option for the most attentive/cost-sensitive ones
✅ Scarcity and urgency feeling. “Limited availability” in bold in the prominent option, just to urge the customer to follow their instinct and “click fast”, rather than rationally.

On top of these UX/Pricing tactics, more on a strategic level Easyjet seems to change the game (once again) and go full-pool into a strong upselling strategy, with the Baggage fees being the main ingredient.

What do you think? Effective pricing tactics… or on the edge to (un)fairness pricing?

Ps. I don’t know you, but I will travel very light this time 🤣

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