Author : Salva Bocchetti

My name is Salva, I am a product exec and Senior Partner at Reasonable Product, a boutique Product Advisory Firm. I write about product pricing, e-commerce/marketplaces, subscription models, and modern product organizations. I mainly engage and work in tech products, including SaaS, Marketplaces, and IoT (Hardware + Software). My superpower is to move between ambiguity (as in creativity, innovation, opportunity, and ‘thinking out of the box’) and structure (as in ‘getting things done’ and getting real impact). I am firmly convinced that you can help others only if you have lived the same challenges: I have been lucky enough to practice product leadership in companies of different sizes and with different product maturity. Doing product right is hard: I felt the pain myself and developed my methods to get to efficient product teams that produce meaningful work.

Pricing as a feature: Monetizing commodity SaaS products – with Neeraj Singh, CEO @ Neeto

Welcome to the Reasonable Product Podcast! I’m your host, Salva, and today we’re diving into the intricate world of monetizing commodity digital products. I’m thrilled to have Neeraj Singh, the CEO of Neeto and Bigbinary, joining us to discuss this complex and somehow misunderstood topic. In our discussion, Neeraj and I explored the challenges and […]

Pricing Hardware and Hardware+Software Products – Part 3

Opportunities and Complexities in the Energy Industry. Introduction In the first part of this three-part Deep-Dive, we explored different pricing models available for Hardware and Hardware + Software Products. In the second part, we looked into the consumer value, the risks, and opportunities arising from the different hardware pricing models. To complete this Deep-Dive, this […]

Product Monetization Guide: The Pricing Model (vs Pricing Strategy)

Pricing is one of the most important features of your products, representing a significant part of how your customers interact with your company and products. With pricing strategies, pricing models include many elements that, when defined consistently, constitute the pricing of your products. I have already written a full article about pricing strategies called “Product […]

The Importance of Pricing Goals

Is good Pricing necessarily about “making money”? Not really!And that’s where most Product Monetization exercises fail… lack of 𝗣𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗚𝗼𝗮𝗹𝘀! Many assume a product must “make money”, but this is not always the case.And by the way, what does “money” mean? revenue? profit? Some examples: Too many teams overlook the importance of defining, sharing, and […]

Are Senior PMs busier than Junior PMs?

Many professionals place great importance on titles, especially when they include terms like “strategic.” However, what is often overlooked is that having a strategy role is about genuinely having a plan and understanding how to align the pieces effectively to maintain control. In my daily interactions, particularly with Product Managers, I’ve noticed a telling difference […]

It’s easy to feel busy

It’s easy to feel busy, and let’s admit it, there’s a certain satisfaction in ticking off a long list of tasks. “Wow, I did so many things today!” 😅 I believe it’s a common misconception that important people should always be busy. In truth, the most impactful individuals aren’t those who are constantly busy; they […]

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