Reasonable Product Pills: Short Product thoughts

#byebye good product practices

After the recent announcements of Twitter (with Twitter Blue) and then Meta(with Facebook Verified) launching paid new paid plans, I can’t help noticing how these moves are like a bulldozer...

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Is alignment overrated?

I don’t believe that alignment is overrated but is absolutely true that alignment without understanding is counterproductive. You’d think you’re aligned, while in reality, everybody is pulling in a different...

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2023 product #wishes

For this new year starting, I wish to my fellow product folks out there: Did I miss anything? Feel free to add your wishes to the list with a comment!...

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Are drinks on Easyjet always on sale?

The “Discount Habit”

Who has already paid for their perfumes or drinks on an Easyjet flight in full? Nobody really, right? 🤷‍♂️ Well, that’s part of what is called the “discount habit”. Yes,...

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Are Senior PMs busier than Junior PMs?

Many professionals place great importance on titles, especially when they include terms like “strategic.” However, what is often overlooked is that having a strategy role is about genuinely having a...

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