#mentorship to grow in your Product Management career

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Working in a favorable environment, with an inspiring boss, and on a challenging product, are probably the main ingredients to progress in your product management career.

If you cannot count on one or more of the 3 (actually, even if you can), a mentor can go a long way in helping you unlock your full potential by:

  • Challenging your perspectives on your product and stretching you out of your comfort zone
  • Providing the perspective of a more senior person, usually one or two career steps ahead of you
  • Providing you with an external point of view on the way you manage your product, asking some “tough or naif questions”
  • Bringing in the experience of a different industry, product, or culture.

I am receiving several requests to act as a mentor, and I am always honored to help. Needless to say, I do this as a pro-bono activity and my biggest ROI is what I learn in return from these interactions.

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