being #credible as a product person

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⚡ Here is a short outburst about PM credibility (with a concrete suggestion at the end 😎 ) ⚡

One of the dangerous things about #productmanagement , #ux and #design, is that it is that everybody feels the right to have an opinion about your product. Everybody “knows what you should do” better. An opinion about a color, a feature that shall be there or not, an opinion about what customers (supposedly) want, and an opinion about what shall be developed next. Sounds familiar?

In #productmanagement entry barriers are often perceived as low by the external world, where in reality they are not. Why do we hear stakeholders say “You should develop feature X” to a PM, but we don’t hear telling a CFO “You should do your financial books this way”? Or “you should operate this way” to a doctor?

Some jobs are perceived as requiring concrete expertise, something you don’t improvise.

As a PM/UX/Designer be the first to consider #productmanagement, #productdesign, #ux a full discipline where facts matter. Be proactive, bring evidence and solid facts to the table, think “value”, stay away from “low-hanging fruits” and be consistent with your #productdiscovery. Others will follow naturally.

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