Are Senior PMs busier than Junior PMs?

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Many professionals place great importance on titles, especially when they include terms like “strategic.”

However, what is often overlooked is that having a strategy role is about genuinely having a plan and understanding how to align the pieces effectively to maintain control.

In my daily interactions, particularly with Product Managers, I’ve noticed a telling difference in how junior and senior professionals manage their time and priorities:

  • Junior PMs: You’ll often hear them say, “I am busy, my agenda is a mess, I have back-to-back meetings, let’s schedule something later.”
  • Senior PMs are more likely to decide, “This is important, and I am available to discuss and implement this right away.”

This simple distinction reveals a lot about professional maturity. While many are concerned with titles. Seniority and Strategic impact it’s not about being perpetually busy; it’s about having a plan, prioritizing effectively, and making time for what truly matters.

Having a “relaxed day” rather than a “stressful, back-to-back meeting day” isn’t a sign of laziness—it’s a sign of being in control.

So, ask yourself: Are you managing your schedule, or is it managing you?

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