It’s easy to feel busy

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It’s easy to feel busy, and let’s admit it, there’s a certain satisfaction in ticking off a long list of tasks. “Wow, I did so many things today!” 😅

I believe it’s a common misconception that important people should always be busy. In truth, the most impactful individuals aren’t those who are constantly busy; they are the ones who know what they want and streamline their lives to achieve it. And that plan in advance.

Often, we start spinning our wheels just to keep busy, especially when we’re unsure of what to do next. A packed schedule becomes a lifeline when we need an “anchor.”

But being busy isn’t the goal, it is the symptom of a disease. The disease of not being able to outline:

  • Where we are going to and why (objective mind)
  • The necessary steps to achieve these goals (strategic mind)
  • Deciding what we’re willing to let go of (focused mind)
  • Identifying what we cannot compromise on (healthy mind)

I’m still astonished when people tell me, “Oh, this is a very important topic for us, but we don’t have time to deal with it now because of [whatever operational detail]. Let’s schedule a meeting in two months.” 🤷‍♂️

Conversely, and positively, I am also very positively impressed by people who manage to “make the time” on a very short notice, because they recognize that “it’s actually important” 🤩. And don’t be fooled… those are often the most senior/influential ones!

It’s easy to feel busy and much harder to be available for the right things.

This is true for everybody and every job, but especially for #productmanagers telling apart important from urgent is a mandatory skill and way of being. And let’s not even mention planning and anticipation 😂

And you? Are you busy or available for important things?

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