Salespeople know what customers want. Really?

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Has any salesperson (or CEO, …) told you “I know the customers’ needs very well because ONE customer told me that…”

Why did this happen? There are many reasons, but certainly the “hype” we see lately in product management does not help to bring product teams closer to the rest of the functions. On the contrary, it has created barriers and silos.

On the solution side the tracks I’ve seen work best,

▶ a “thinking product” culture within the company as a whole… (I recently wrote an article about this )

▶ An integration of sales into the product teams, from the product design

▶ and product teams into sales (joint discovery)

▶ Business oriented CPOs, and who do not run away from commercial topics (pricing strategy, sales…)

This last point seems very important … and unfortunately not yet enough of the “norm”.

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