Pricing as a feature: Monetizing commodity SaaS products – with Neeraj Singh, CEO @ Neeto

Welcome to the Reasonable Product Podcast! I’m your host, Salva, and today we’re diving into the intricate world of monetizing commodity digital products. I’m thrilled to have Neeraj Singh, the CEO of Neeto and Bigbinary, joining us to discuss this complex and somehow misunderstood topic. In our discussion, Neeraj and I explored the challenges and […]

From CPO to CEO: Dealing with Pricing, Revenue, Leadership, and OKRs – Jonathan Landau (CEO @Movu)

In this episode, we welcome Jonathan Landau, CEO of Movu, to share his transition journey from CPO to CEO. It’s a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that come with moving from a product-centric role to the helm of a company. Movu is the leading Swiss Marketplace for moving services. Jonathan guides us through […]

The importance of solid monetization goals and a clear pricing strategy – With Marie Martens (Tally.so)

In this episode, we talk with Marie Martens, co-founder of Tally.so, a new and successful form-builder tool. Tally.so has made a big splash, hitting $1.2 million in yearly revenue, attracting 250,000 users, and converting 4,000 of them into paying customers in just three years—all in a very crowded market and without taking any outside investment. […]

More than just salary: the importance of context to grow as Product Managers – Part 2

After looking at the lonely life of product managers, and why they are stretched between empowerment and accountability, in this second part of the episode Tanja Lau from Product Academy and Salva look deeper into the implications of salary in the life of product managers. From salary gaps to regional and seniority differences, Tanja looks […]

My “Podcast Stack”: 6 Essential Tools I Use for Recording and Sharing My Podcasts

Though I don’t consider myself a professional podcaster, just somebody who likes to share quality content, one of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “What do you use to record your podcasts?” Here, I’ll share my personal toolkit that helps me produce quality podcasts, from recording to hosting, with a particular focus on efficiency. 1️⃣ Riverside.fm for […]

More than just salary: the importance of context to grow as Product Managers – Part 1

In this episode of Reasonable Product, Salva has invited Tanja Lau from Product Academy to explore the multi-dimensional challenges of product management.  They discuss the emotional and professional pressures unique to this role, including the complexities of accountability and strategic decision-making.  They look at the nuances of empowerment in the workplace, the influence of company […]

Taking your Product Management career to the Next Level – with Büşra Coşkuner (Part 2: The Frameworks)

Summary: This is the second episode of a special Podcast with Büşra, dedicated to leveling up Product Manager’s skills. Ready to unlock the potential of your product management? Tune in for a profound conversation with our guest, Büşra, who will guide us through the best frameworks that can empower product managers to make a real […]

Taking your Product Management career to the Next Level – with Büşra Coşkuner (Part 1: The Mindset)

Summary: Ever thought of leveling up your product management game? In this conversation, Salva hosts Büşra, an experienced product manager, and product leadership coach, as they explore the multifaceted world of product management and leadership. Together, they unravel the challenges faced by aspiring and mid-to-senior level product managers and discuss strategies to thrive in this […]

Unleashing NO-Code superpowers for Product Managers – With Marcel Schneider (HuggyStudio)

Summary: In this episode of Reasonable Product, Salva has invited Marcel Schneider (Product Manager at Huggy Studio) to deep dive into the world of No-Code development and its pivotal role in product management. They explore how No-Code empowers product managers to rapidly bring their ideas to life, focusing on high-priority tasks while reducing the time […]

Product in Marketplaces done right: from how to deal with the “cold start”, to how to organize the product team – With Cliff des Ligneris (GetYourGuide)

Summary: In this Reasonable Product Interview, I had the pleasure of having Cliff des Ligneris talk about 2 sided marketplace. Cliff is Product Lead at GetYourGuide and has been running product at several marketplaces in the past including at Doodle, Car4You, and now at Get your Guide. We spoke about two-sided Marketplaces and why they […]

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