Shaping your product and its pricing. Together

Product Monetization, Product Management and Product Leadership

Product Monetization
& Pricing

A great product is a good start. A product that sells, is much better. 

  • Pricing strategy/model definition
  • Pricing & Monetization Assessments
  • Recurrent & subscription models
  • Optimal pricing, willingness to pay and product packaging

Discover more about the Product Monetization methodology here (Product Monetization Canvas)


We take care of your product, during the key moments of your organization.

  • Interim, Shared, and Fractional CPO
  • Product Assessments
  • Product Clinics to boost your product
  • Product Support/Product Shadowing
  • Board advisory & due diligence

Product People & Organizations

Building Product People
& Organizations

  • Product Organization Assessment
  • Product Organization Design
  • Product Objectives/Goals Definition
  • Product Leadership Transitions
  • Talent Shadowing
  • Support to Hiring

Learn how working with us is different

  • We work with clear outcomes, not with daily rates
  • We focus on few core competences and industries*
  • We work with modern product methodologies…
  • … but always with a business- and sales-oriented approach
  • No fancy or vague buzzwords. We specialize in creating revenue with products.

* Tech and Digital, especially: E-commerce, marketplaces, Data-based products, SaaS, and mix HW/SW products

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