Who owns pricing?

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Diving into an intriguing old McKinsey report on pricing ownership within organizations


I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at some “notable missing” pieces in the puzzle 😯 . Back in 2016, the spotlight didn’t even touch the product realm! The debate was mainly between Marketing or Sales. That’s all!

How have things changed since? Shall (and can) Product and Product Managers still neglect pricing and monetization in 2023?

I really don’t believe so. Hopefully what is described in this 7yr old report is not today’s reality anymore.

I hear many product managers and product owners complaining about living in feature factories or being seen as “delivery arms”. Pricing is both a strategic element and a key feature of your product.

📢 As a PM, if you don’t care about pricing, monetization, and revenue, you’re condemned to live in the realm of “feature delivery”.

So, who holds the reins when it comes to pricing strategies in your organization? Marketing? Sales? Product? …


This post originally appeared on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/posts/salvatorebocchetti_unlocking-the-potential-of-pricing-activity-7095047892217782272-doUI

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